Dé th' aca ri ràdhainn? | What people are saying about the Gaels Jams...

"I don't know of a better community-building tool than the Jam." Kenneth MacKenzie, Mabou, NS

Patrick cooking for Jammers, 2017

“The 2014 NS Gaels' Jam was a truly transformational experience for me. The effect the jam had on me was deeply profound.“

Patrick Bennett, Halifax

“I feel that this Jam existing as a yearly event is absolutely imperative in supporting a bright future for Gaels and Gaelic culture in our very special part of the world.”

Mary MacGillivray, PEI

"An extraordinary, transformative time, both on an individual and social group basis, where voices are truly heard and some for the first time."

Margie Beaton, Mabou

“The Cape Breton Gaels' Jam was easily one of the most enriching experiences I've had as a member of the Gaelic community - and that really says a lot as being a part of the Gaelic community is so enriching in itself!"

“The Gaelic Jam was an opportunity of a lifetime that has left a special fire in my heart with memories, friends, experiences, and inspiration that I will cherish forever."

Jenny MacKenzie, Mabou, Owner of Dannsair Fitness and Wellness

"The Jam encouraged me to jump at opportunities in Gaelic. It taught me to feel more comfortable with the dreams and aspirations I have and that if I express them, I very likely will get several offers of help."

Kenneth MacKenzie, Mabou

"The Jam has supported me, cared for me, and helped me to grow...the impact leaves me speechless."

Beathag Anna Nic Eachainn, Halifax

"The Jam has allowed me to stand more confidently as a Gael. There is a certain power and confidence gained knowing that there is a whole community supporting and encouraging me and what I do."

Emily MacKinnon, Gaelic teacher and Bun 's Bàrr mentor and apprentice

“This was a gathering unlike any I had attended previously. It fostered a great spirit of unity and respect between participants.”

“The Gaels Jam has been a life-changing experience for me. The feeling of acceptance and friendship that I have received from everyone involved has been amazing.”

Robert Novak, Mississauga, Ontario

"The Gaels Jam really breaks down the barriers that can hold us back from growing together and moving forward."

Brittany Rankin MacDonald

“The Gaels Jam of May 2013 has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. The most important part, for me, are the friends I’ve made through the Jam."

Joyce MacDonald, Brook Village

"I now feel a deep sense of kinship with other Gaels, and I remember not to let my self-judgement isolate me from the people who are a source of inspiration and connection for me."

Nona MacDermid, Entrepreneur

"I believe all people who identify themselves as Gaels should have the opportunity to participate in an open, collaborative, relationship-building event like this."

A.J. Fraser, Sydney, NS

"The Jam offers such a potent means of building a Gaelic community because it brings many potential leaders together in an intimate event that is driven by the belief that positive change is possible and within our power to effect.”

Heather Sparling, Sydney, NS

"The bonds of friendship and understanding between participants that have grown out of the last two Jams are integral to the health of the Gaelic community in Nova Scotia."

Kathleen Reddy, Glasgow

"I now have a real sense of what it is to be an effective communicator and an attentive listener."

Colin MacDonald, Goose Cove

"The Jam has renewed my energy towards Gaelic and I am excited to tackle this 'same old' with a new sense of vitality and optimism."

Eamag Clegg, Highland Village Museum

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